Why Are You Giving Your Pets Vegan Food Again?

Mr. Fireside
2 min readOct 30, 2023
This is Milo — He eats meat!

Alright, so picture this: I’m sauntering through the supermarket, my cart half-filled with stuff, maybe an indulgent snack or two for myself. The pet aisle is always on my list because I have a dog, Milo. And Milo likes dried pig ears.

So, I’m about to grab his usual when something peculiar catches my eye. Neon-green packaging screaming, “Veggie Ears!” It’s like someone decided to throw a nuclear fuel rod in the middle of the pet aisle. The description reads like something out of a hipster cafe menu. “All the nutrition of a bowlful of fruits and veggies,” they say. “Forget real ears — try these ‘unreal’ ones!” I couldn’t help but chuckle while trying to picture the types of people that buy this crud.

Let’s get something straight: Cats are out-and-out meat lovers. And dogs? While they might munch on the occasional berry or apple, they’re also predominantly meat eaters. Steak lovers don’t eat tofu and dogs don’t eat “plant-based-ear-treats”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the ingredients of these vegan treats — rice flour, yeast, all that jazz — sound like something my wife and other allegedly health-conscious people might eat. But Milo? He’s not looking to join the latest diet fad. He’s a dog. He licks his ballocks every night and when I take him to the creek near my house for a swim, he finds duck crap, eats some of it…